Sculpture Care Instructions

Should you wish to purchase a pedestal for display of your sculpture, look for lighting stores in your area as they often carry pedestals.  There are good sources online who will ship pedestals to your size, style and dimension.
Sculptures generally require only a light dusting and should not be cleaned with industrial cleaners which may dull the luster of the finish. A damp cloth followed by a soft cloth for buffing may be used.
If your sculpture is made of or includes wood, you may occasionally condition the wood portion with a Butcher Block Conditioner (mineral oil and natural waxes). Follow the instructions for the butcher block conditioner in a light application. If your sculpture includes driftwood, it is always possible to reapply an oil or stain to revitalize the finish.  It is always wise to contact Scot for advice before tackling any refurbishment, as he will provide sound guidance.
Lifting a sculpture is best from the base of the piece. If mounted on a base, lifting from the base is best and will help to avoid damage to the mounting. Often Scot’s pieces are mounted on turning pins from which the piece will lift away from the base. When replacing the piece (pin into base), gently lower the piece onto the base, being careful not to drop the piece into the pin housing.


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