About the Process

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Sculpture in stone starts with a raw block or boulder. Often colorless until finished, the exterior belies the beauty to be found within. Cutting away stone, in order to leave a three dimensional shape, may be performed with hammer and chisel, electric tools, or a combination of tools. The sculptor relies on a varied set of tools to craft his trade and often works will require days, weeks, even months to complete depending on the intricacy, shape and size. The finished piece is polished and buffed by hand, using various grades of sand paper. The smooth, silken finish of the stone sculpture is marveled by most who come in contact with them. Few people can resist reaching out to rub the glassy surface of a finely finished work of art.

Stone sculpture becomes a legacy left by the artist; one which will transcend time, living on for generations if cared for.


Downtown St. Pete Beach at Corey Ave June 4-5

Located along Corey Avenue in St. Petersburg Beach
Scot Buccina Scot Buccina
See Scot's Work in Newport Beach, CA; Austin, TX, and Houston, TX