About The Artist

Scot Buccina (his last name is pronounced Boo-cheena) was raised in an Italian family, born of parents whose families immigrated to the White Mountains of Maine from Tuscany and Calabria. Trained in the classical arts, he completed his Undergraduate degree at the University of Maine, and received a Teaching Assistantship in Studio Sculpture at Florida State University, where he earned his Masters in Art History and Studio Art (sculpture).
Scot appreciates the talents of the great masters of stone sculpture including Michelangelo, Brancusi, Donatello, and Henry Moore, to name a few. The complexity and difficulty involved in carving stone, often by hand with a hammer and chisel, followed by hours of sanding and polishing, heightens his sense of accomplishment at the completion of each of his pieces.  
Scot has been honing his craft utilizing various media for 30 years; from marble, alabaster and other stones, to wood and clay, and an occasional bronze.  His Master’s collection included abstract, yet functional musical instruments, both strung pieces and drums, sculpted from various hard woods. Today, he continues to carve guitars out of stone, and to scale, mimicking the electric guitars he so loves and plays.  A later collection in Burl wood captured awards and acclaim. Scot now works primarily in stone of various types from quarries located in the U.S. and abroad. He also appreciates the effect of combining stone with wood or glass.  His sculptures range in size from small tabletop pieces, to large pedestal mounted pieces and floor standing pieces. 

Scot gathers inspiration from the world around him. Whether it is the human figure, the forms found in nature or marine life, the simple shape of a guitar, or the myriad abstract shapes he sees around him, his work reflects the inspiration he draws from them. Scot often finds his inspiration for a sculpture in the raw stone itself, drawing a mental image of a piece from a rough, colorless stone, before the chisel is set to strike. Yet, one of Scot's greatest sources of inspiration comes from the patron who also loves his work and wants to live with and enjoy his sculpture in their home, office, yacht, etc. 

Scot is also widely recognized in South Florida as a preeminent source for sculpture refinishing and repair, called upon often to help rehabilitate broken, scratched, or damaged sculptures.

Scot participates in national art exhibitions which allow him to display and represent his collections of work directly to his customers. His exhibits will include galleries from time to time.  Scot frequently receives awards for the merit of his work at shows and exhibits throughout the country. His patrons include collectors throughout the United States and abroad.


Downtown St. Pete Beach at Corey Ave June 4-5

Located along Corey Avenue in St. Petersburg Beach
Scot Buccina Scot Buccina
See Scot's Work in Newport Beach, CA; Austin, TX, and Houston, TX