Sculpture Repairs and Refinishing

In the event of scratches or damage to your sculpture, never hesitate to call Scot, as he will be able to provide advice as to how best to handle the repair.
Scot will offer his service to repair broken or severely damaged pieces, and is often highly successful restoring a piece to a state where the repair is unrecognizable!  Scot has many years of experience repairing stone, marble, alabaster, clay, and wood sculpture.  
He will often ask to review photographs of the damage (including any broken pieces), to determine whether, and to what level, he believes he will be successfull in its repair.  The piece (and any broken parts/bits) may be shipped or delivered to him for repair.  Once received, he will advise you as to the quality of the fix that can be achieved, given its condition. Once completed, Scot will then return the repaired piece.  
So, before you destroy or attempt a home repair to any damaged sculpture, contact Scot for consultation regarding the possibility of repair. Collect all pieces, regardless of how small.  If it is just the luster of the finish that is diminished, contact Scot for advice as to product for buffing and returning luster to your sculpture.
Scot's customers have often commented as to his ability to "work miracles" with sculpture repair!


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