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Artwork for Interior Design and Decor Projects

Scot works collaboratively with design professionals to select pieces from his current collections, or to create just the right sculpture for the Design Project, whether it is for a home, office, yacht, or other location.  His designs, while predominently for interior spaces, are often suitable for outdoor spaces.
During the design process, Scot works with the Design Professional to select a group of pieces which may be viewed within the design project site so that the Professional can identify the best pieces for their design setting.  Scot will often meet at the site with pedestals and multiple pieces to test out the best fit with the Designer.  Scot is happy to accomodate the Designer in their decision process. Scot will meet with the designer at their office and/or project site.
Commissioning a piece to fit the design aethestic is common, and Scot will create designs working with the Designer, and their client as appropriate.
Scot will also work with Design Professionals who wish to include his Sculptures in photo shoots of finished projects. View some of his recent private installations.
Scot offers the Design Professional a courtesy commission for pieces ultimately placed within a Design Project.  Scot is able to ship the piece to the design site for installation, and when the site is within the State of Florda, Scot often delivers and installs his pieces for the client.  Whatever the need, Scot will work with Designers and clients to find the right solution.


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Hobe Sound Marine Village on US 1 in Hobe Sound, Florida
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